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5 SEO Tips to Boost Your Website

Okay, it's time to talk about the big SEO. If you're new to the term, SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization", is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. We know how difficult it can be to wrap your head around Search Engine Optimization, but we're here to help. Not only can SEO attract more online visitors to your site, but it is a necessary and evergreen marketing strategy for your business. Google ranks websites on over 200 factors (if you want to go down that rabbit hole, read more here), so it's crucial to actively improve at least a handful of factors to consistently improve your web traffic. Today White Oak is diving into the world of SEO and giving you 5 simple SEO tips that you can implement today to boost your website traffic!

  1. Write valuable content Content. Content. Content. It's one of the most important ranking factors of your website. Your content must align with 3 conditions in order to be seen -- it has to be 1) unique and not copied from anywhere 2) updated regularly 3) valuable - content that appears on your website only. Not sure how to up your content? Start a blog!

  2. Use long-tail keywords Basically, keywords are two to five word phrases that someone would type into Google to find the answers they seek. If you use short keywords, your business' website may get lost in Google's results, so we recommend using long-tail keywords. (Words and phrases used throughout your site that contain more terms than average). To turn your short keywords into long ones, try adding your speciality or location. For example, instead of using "Best Naturopath," change the phrase to "Best Naturopath in Guelph." Change these keywords within your website copy, blog posts or page names to generate more high quality visits through search results.

  3. Choose the Right Domain These days, owning a domain isn't enough - you need to keep SEO in mind when choosing the proper domain. Ensure your domain is short and catchy, including your business name, speciality, or a common keyword, such as "nutritionist." The contents of your domain name is one of the key sorting factors that Google looks for when ranking websites.

  4. Make it Mobile Friendly Face it, if you want your site to be seen, you HAVE to make your site mobile-friendly. If you're a fellow WIX user like ourselves and your site isn't yet optimized on mobile, get on it! Wix makes it incredibly easy to optimize your mobile website, and if you are using Wix ADI to build your website, it'll be up and running for you in minutes.

  5. Describe Your Images Here's something that can be overlooked in terms of good SEO for your site - describing your images! Since Google and other search engines don't process images like we do, adding textual descriptions will help them understand what's on your photos/graphs and will place your images on Google Image search. This will greatly increase your online traffic since search engines are known to see a website with optimizing images as "polished" and increase their overall ranking. PRO TIP: It is best to include unique and descriptive alt text to all of your images! BONUS TIP: Not sure how to find proper keywords for your site? Think like your customer. What would your potential client search for if they were looking for your business in Google? Even if you think of yourself/business in a certain way, that might not be the same for your client. Put yourself in their shoes and the keywords will come to you!

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