• Katie Costa

Get An Insta Boost with Instagram

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Social Media has become synonymous with marketing for the modern business, and Instagram has become the top ranked social media platform (as of January 2019) with over one billion users. That means one in every seven people IN THE WORLD are sharing pictures, and more importantly, following accounts. Considering 800 million plus users follow at least one company, getting your business on Instagram is a million-dollar marketing idea.

But what happens if you’re using the platform religiously and you’re not seeing the growth, engagement, and sales you want? Has your growth and community engagement slowed to a crawl in the past few years? It’s because Instagram changed its algorithm in 2016, prioritizing posts that are “most relevant” to individual Instagrammers. User now see posts from family, closest friends, and “favourited” accounts first.

So how is your business going to succeed on the platform without using paid advertisements? Here are three things that you can do FOR FREE to set yourself up for Instagram success in 2019.

Post Daily And Then Some

Posting at least once a day on Instagram can improve engagement and growth rates for your account. Consistency and quality are key. The more QUALITY content you post, the more likely it is that your followers will see it, and even more likely they will engage with it. The more they engage with your content, the higher you will appear in their feed in the future. It’s a cyclic, symbiotic relationship you need follow. The average business posts 1.5 times per day; this is a good rule of thumb if you’re looking to compete with other brands in your niche.

Friend Your Followers

Ok, I don’t mean literally “friend” your followers, but engage with them because it increases your visibility. When you post back and forth with your followers, Instagram thinks you have a relationship with them and will rank you as “relevant”. Remember the algorithm? It’s designed to show users content that is the most relevant to them. By repeatedly liking, commenting and replying to your community, you inadvertently trick Instagram into thinking that you’re a friend… sneaky, sneaky.

Get Familiar With ALL The Features

Instagram is all about Instagram—when they roll out new features, they want everyone and their mommas using them. Stories, IGTV, live video, feed posts, story polls… the list goes on. It’s rumouredthat Instagram “encourages” the adoption of these features by promoting accounts that use them. They will also naturally drive engagement in various ways. Getting your followers to vote on polls or answer questions within stories is one of the only ways to measure engagement, since you can’t currently like or comment on them. I know that going live may be intimidating, but your follower will get a notification when you do. That’s like sending a text message to every single follower and saying “I’ve got something great to tell you, listen up!” without being weird about it.

Instagram can be a game-changing tool for your business, especially if have customers or clients both near and far. Maximizing its potential is crucial to any social media marketing plan. Start by implementing these three strategies and you’ll see Insta-success sooner.

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